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NBA 2K15 is part of basketball simulation games produced by Visual Concepts. Initially, Sega Sports published the series. The game franchise has released a new title annually since 1999. So far over eighteen titles have been produced and a number of spin-offs. The game tries to imitate gameplay as seen in the National Basketball Association; each of the installment is an improvement of the previous series. NBA 2K15 is the 16th title in the franchise and successor to 2K14. It was first released to the public in October 2014 and is available for Xbox One and 360, Microsoft Windows, and PlayStation 3 and 4. The solo cover athlete in the game is Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant. Download our NBA 2K15 Apk Here.

Download NBA 2k15 APK

How to Play NBA 2K15 Game

Each title under in the franchise tries to simulate games in the NBA; new titles have improvements from their predecessors. The player is able to control a select player or an entire team. The game presentation is the same as televised NBA games and the rules of the game are adhered to. To enhance game variety several game modes have been introduced. Players also have various customizable options at their disposal. Team members consist of current members in the NBA season plus some historical players. You can also create your own fictional players and customize their jerseys and logos. Download our NBA 2K15 Apk Here.

The Career mode in the NBA 2K series has become the staple for the game. The role-playing video game was first introduced in ESPN NBA basketball but become entrenched in the series through its launch in NBA 2K10. Later titles made it an integral part of gameplay. Initially, MyCareer was titled 24/7 then it moved to MyPlayer before finally settling for the current name. In the mode, the main focus is to select a basketball player and see him through as he progresses from high school to college before becoming the best basketball player. You can customize certain aspects of the player like jersey, and logo. Some outstanding events covered in the mode include their retirement ceremony and NBA draft.  You will find a storyline in the modes and both high school and college plays are depicted in the mode. As the player progresses, the player can upgrade certain attributes of the player. You can also engage in off-court activities. Download our NBA 2K15 Apk Here.

Download NBA 2k15 APKAn interesting mode allows players to assume the role of general manager of the NBA franchise. The mode titled Association has been featured in many NBA 2K games with the latest being MyLeague and MyGM modes. Instead of just playing the teams the player controls almost all aspects of a team. The player has to play well through an NBA season to satisfy the owner and the team’s personnel. Download our NBA 2K15 Apk Here.

MyTeam Mode made its debut in NBA 2K13 and its sole objective is to build a team that can compete with other teams online. Through card packs, the player is able to acquire players and build their team. The mode also has random items that a player can use it with his team. Apart from selecting team players users can also customize the player’s jerseys and team court. You can build a team together online through the Pro-Am mode. Street basketball mode is another feature in the franchise. In the mode, you can use real and created players as well as celebrities making guest appearances in the game. In some games, the street basketball is titled MyPark and Blacktop. The mode is very similar to street basketball. In MyPark mode players can join different games on a different open area filled courts. Also, players can engage in slam dunk contests. Download our NBA 2K15 Apk Here.

There several game modes that are specific to a particular title. For example, the Jordan Challenge was featured in NBA 2K11. In the mode, players could recreate some of Michael Jordan greatest feats like scoring 69 points in a single game. The greatest mode was featured in NBA 2K12 and this had players play previous NBA players like Julius Erving, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Bill Russell. Path of Greatness was featured in NBA 2K14 and followed the basketball career of LeBron James. Download our NBA 2K15 Apk Here.

Outstanding New Features in NBA 2K15

Scanning Features: one distinguishing feature in NBA 2K15 is the ability for players to scan their faces through Kinect on Xbox One and PlayStation Camera in PlayStation 4. To make the gaming experience as realistic as possible the game comes with 3D mapping. This process takes around 30 seconds and players need to get within six to twelve inches of the camera and during the scanning process turn their heads to the right or left. Download our NBA 2K15 Apk Here.Download NBA 2k15 APK

MyCareer Mode: the game mode has been upgraded with features like upgrading systems and mentor. The mode can be accessed in all eighth generation consoles like PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PCs. In the new MyPlayer mode you can speak to the players and encourage them before a game. For a more in-depth experience, 2K implemented their voices into the game. This and other features have led to depth in MyCareer mode with an integrated storyline. You can also get more currency to use for endorsement deals, badges (gold, silver, and bronze) and completing challenges. The drawback is that players cannot view play-offs on the eighth generation systems. Download our NBA 2K15 Apk Here.

Based a gameplay a new feature has been introduced into the game that allows Doc Rivers – Los Angeles Clippers head coach – to admonish or praise players during gameplay.

Game Development and Reception

A preorder bonus pack was included in NBA 2K15 that had 5,000 virtual currency, a choice of either rookie Kevin Durant or international MyTEAM card, and MyPlayer jerseys that were inspired by Durant. The crew made a comeback in the game on August 6, 2014, and was made available for the current generation consoles. Similar to NBA 2K14 GM mode, MyLeague was introduced on August 7, 2014. The mode featured new improvements and customizations. Some of the new RPG features introduced into the game include press conferences and conversation system. A major change in the game was made on September 17, 2014, when the game developers introduced face scanning; this would allow players to create their own likeness in the game. Later a mobile app called MyNBA2K15 started accompanying the game. The PC version was introduced in August 2014 and had graphical enhancements similar to the once in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The soundtrack to NBA 2K15 was provided by popular musician Pharrell Williams. Download our NBA 2K15 Apk Here.

According to Review Aggregator Metacritic, the game received many positive reviews from critics. GameSpot Josiah Renaudin gave the game a ranking of 9/10 while praising the games realistic presentations, control scheme, unparalleled level of customization, animations, and a shot helpful meter. He, however, did not find the visual update as appealing as in the previous title. IGN Mike Mitchell had similar views and praised the games smooth control, great graphics and the MyCareer mode. He criticized the game’s problems with face scan that tend to break and poor server connection. USA today was impressed with the extensive commentary in the game. Download our NBA 2K15 Apk here.

Electronic Gaming monthly –Andrew Fitch – gave the game a rating of 6/10 and said that the game stands out in creating the ultimate basketball experience. He praised the games use of real-life NBA voices and the MyCareer mode. Just like other critics, he faulted the game’s broken servers that can make the gaming experience to be horrible. The game performed well and sold over 5.5 million copies by February 4, 2015, and had shipped over 7 million units by August 2015. Download our NBA 2K15 Apk Here.

The biggest challenges for NBA 2K15 was its online servers which many players found to be inaccessible. However, you can go through motions like floating the ball near defenders to shifting momentum towards the low post. After the game NBA 2K16 was released to the public on September 29, 2015, and this was meant for PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One and Microsoft Windows. A key difference to the title is the multiple players featured on the cover; in the title, you have James Harden, Stephen Curry, Jordan, Anthony Davis, Dennis Schroeder, Pau, Tony Parker and Marc Gasol. The commentary remains the same as NBA 2K15 with the addition of Greg Anthony. This also applies to the pre and post games, halftime where Kenny Smith joins O’Neal and Johnson. Movie director Spike Lee redid MyCareer mode in the game. The soundtrack has been enhanced with more than 50 songs that have been curated by DJ Premier, DJ Khaled, and DJ Mustard. Download our NBA 2K15 Apk Here.

NBA 2K17 saw its worldwide release on September 2016. The cover photos included Danilo Gallinari, George, Pau Gasol, and Bryant. Most of the personnel have been overhauled but you will still get the three-person commentary and a sideline reporter. The commentaries also change with the introduction of Kellogg, Harlan, Burke, Anthony, Chris Webber, Brent Barry, David Aldridge and Steven Smith. Burke is replaced as a side reporter. The pre and post-game commentaries remain unchanged. The title also features 50 songs curated by Imagine Dragons, Grimes and Noah Shebib. Prior to the game, a demo called the prelude was released. NBA 2KVR Experience debuted on November 22, 2016. The game is a virtual reality game fashioned after the NBA 2K series. However, it is not part of the game series but rather a collection of mini-games. Download NBA 2K15 Apk Here.Download NBA 2k15 APK

Other games under the NBA 2K title include NBA 2K18 and 2K19. 2K18 was released on September 2017 and was the first game under the franchise that operated in the new Nintendo Switch. Kyrie Irving makes it on the cover while the special editions feature Shaquille O’Neal. However, the Canadian version features Toronto Raptors DeMar DeRozan on the cover. Guest commentators include Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant while the game has a soundtrack of 49 licensed songs. Besides the All-time teams, you also have seventeen new classic teams. Download our NBA 2K15 Apk Here.

How to use our NBA 2K15 Apk

You do not need to have a PlayStation or Xbox to play the game. With our NBA 2K15, you can enjoy your favorite game in the comfort of your mobile phone. You have access to all the cool features that are found in the console version. The game is compatible with Microsoft Windows and you can play the game there. Our Apk is easy to download and use. You can access our Apk from your browser and click the download button. This should install the Apk file on your phone. In case you experience any problems check your App settings and allow App downloads. Our Apk editor enables you to unlock awesome game features that you could not find anywhere else.

Compatibility and Security

Our NBA 2K15 is compatible with almost any mobile phone and this includes Android and IOS. We have taken the right steps to ensure that our customer security is taken care of. You will not experience any malware and viruses when downloading items on our site. Our Apk does cause any blockages or errors. It comes with a user-friendly editor that you can use to customize game features.

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Our Customer care staff is available 24/7 to provide you with first responses to queries. You can contact us through our email address or our suggestion box. One member of our staff will respond to your questions within the fastest time possible.

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