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The game is the seventeenth title under the NBA 2K franchise and has been developed by Visual Concepts. It is the successor to the popular NBA 2K15. The game was released on September 29, 2015, for Xbox One and 360, PlayStation 3 and 4, Microsoft Windows and a mobile version was made available on October 14, 2015, for IOS and Android. The game features three different covers with one featuring Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors, the main game having Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans and a special edition featuring Chicago Bulls’ All-star player Michael Jordan. You will also find different covers depending on geographical region with the Spanish one having Pau Gasol and Marc of Chicago Bulls and Memphis Grizzlies respectively, the German one has Dennis Schroder of Atlanta Hawks and Tony Parker appearing for the San Antonio Spurs. The game simulates actual games found in the National Basketball Association. Players are either real or are custom created. Game modes include MyTeam, MyCareer and other standard games. Players can play in the summer league, playoffs, or the NBA season games. You can create a player and help them become the best basketball player by guiding them through their career. You can also customize a players attributes, appearance, and other skill sets that you would like the player to possess. Download our NBA 2K16 Apk Here.

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In the game, players can customize their own teams to suit their preferences. DJ Mustard, DJ Premier, and DJ Khaled have made the soundtrack to the game. NBA 2K16 has over 50 varying songs. MyCareer Mode saw a lot of input from popular movie director Spike Lee. He was tasked with making improvements to the mode by making it more focused. During the making of the mode, Lee would follow basketballers though their careers in both high school and college competitions. This made the mode to realistically reflect the lifestyles of professional basketballers. More features were added to the game including aesthetic improvements and full body scanning. Several versions of the game were released like a special edition, which features digital extras and several physical improvements. Users could pre-order the game and receive it by September 15, 2015. The companion app enables the players to access the in-game currency and purchase game items. Download our NBA 2K16 Apk Here.

The game is a simulation video game that is based on the NBA. Players are able to play the game with custom players or real ones. They can also customize certain aspects of the game like the presentation of players, camera angles, and level of realism and sound levels. The game has been created to be as realistic as possible and you will find various NBA features like pre-game shows, commentaries, replays, post-game shows, crowds, and real player movements among others. Shaquille O’Neal, Ernie Johnson, and Kenny Smith host the halftime, pre, and post-game shows. NBA 2K16 mid-game commentaries are done by Clark Kellogg, Kevin Harlan, Doris Burke and Greg Anthony. You can also play against the CPU both online and offline. Download our NBA 2K16 Apk Here.

The game has been marketed as being better than its predecessor through the addition of more features and improvement of existing ones. For example, users can customize the player’s tattoos with NBA 2K16 having more than 1500 different designs. Other improvements include player personal customization that includes accessories and haircuts, visuals, gameplay and the addition of several game modes like the MyCareer. You will also experience redesigned menus and animations like the photobombs and mouth guards. Download our NBA 2K16 Apk Here.

Download NBA 2k16 APKMyTeam mode makes an appearance in the game after first being introduced in NBA 2K13. The basic idea behind the mode is the create the ultimate basketball team and creating a collection of virtual trading cards. In the mode users, select players to their teams, coach, court, jerseys, among others. With the team, they will play in a tournament style competition. You can collect cards, which you will use to unlock playbooks, players, and other items, which you can use on the team or you, can choose to sell them. Using the virtual currency, players are able to purchase random items. The cards have different levels that determine how good the card is. If players purchase cheaper card packs they will receive bronze cards. However, if you purchase high priced parks, then the probability of getting gold cards increases. Download our NBA 2K16 Apk Here.

Rare cards like Diamond and Amethyst are hard to find but are better than the rest of the cards. Other factors that influence how good a card is included abilities of the actual player and their ratings. Players can customize their teams by changing the coach, game players among others things at any time. This ability to customize the team as you wish was regarded as one of the best improvement to the game. Download our NBA 2K16 Apk Here.

MyTeam also enables players to create a brand new team and use them to play in 5-on-5 games online. This is done on the 2K Pro-Am mode. In Crew, mode players are able to customize color schemes, team logos, jersey styles, court designs and other basketball features. You can also create logos of previous NBA teams or have a team with individual player logos. Pro-Am teams in NBA 2K16 differs from previous games because the teams consist wholly of MyPlayers. Using regular teams you can engage in 5-on-5 games against other players. Play Now mode enables users to play online. You can level up and move through the ranks in the game mode. Download our NBA 2K16 Apk Here.Download NBA 2k16 APK

A story-driven campaign that first made its appearance in NBA 2K10 can be found in MyCareer Mode. The story titled Livin’ Da Dream centers on the upcoming basketball project. In the storyline you the player is guided through high school, then college and finally makes an appearance in the NBA. You can customize individual players on aspects like weight, height, background information, position, and name. While the player has the flexibility to name the player, other aspects of the player like birthplace and personality cannot be changed. The player is mostly African America and is called Frequency Vibrations. The character comes from an underprivileged background in Harlem, New York. As you follow the plot in the storyline you will notice the player upgrading their skills with the ultimate goal of making it as the greatest basketballer of all time.  Download our NBA 2K16 Apk Here.

MyCareer, unlike previous titles, has more cinematic presentations that have more stories and cutscenes. Through the draft, the player enters the NBA but this is after playing in a college of their choosing. As the player continues his journey to superstardom, he attracts attention both on and off the court. Players in the NBA interact with other players and this can cause rivalries and friendships. They can also interact with the media, coach, fans, negotiate contracts, practice in gyms, appear in endorsement deals, customize skill sets, and upgrade their players’ skills. Users can also customize the player’s appearance. The main practice area is the MyCourt. Players can also invite other players to their court and engage in pickup games. They can also play in street games through the MyPark. You can also scan your own face and use it in the game. Download our NBA 2K16 Apk Here.

Making a comeback into NBA 2K16 is MyGM mode. In the mode, the player is the boss of the whole organization and this gives them the ability to customize all aspects of the team. Players can complete trades, sign in players, negotiate contracts with coaches and players, add features to the arena, customize prices, maintain a good working relationship with the team owner, provide better facilities for the players, maintain relationships with players, media and fans, guide your team to the NBA championships while making profit for the organization. Other new features in MyGM include the ability to relocate players to another city in North America; this was recorded as a first in the NBA franchise. There is also more offseason activities, a redesigned draft presentation, ability to customize jerseys and arenas, three-team trades, players can at once have multiple injuries and a mini-game that enables players to simulate games while playing. Download our NBA 2K16 Apk Here.

Similar to the Association mode is the MyLeague mode. The mode has features similar to the MyGM mode; the player controls an entire organization and can make money and customize several aspects of the basketball team. While MyGM is mostly single-player, MyLeague has more online multiplayer features. MyLeague allows more options than MyGM and removes more rules that make the game more flexible. For instance, the player can trade players, freely relocate the team, purchase upgrades without restrictions and change the team aesthetics. The user can enter the MyLeague association that is that instead of the one –user CPU controlled team has 30 user – controlled teams. Download our NBA 2K16 Apk Here.Download NBA 2k16 APK

Game Development and Release

The game received many positive reviews from critics with many praising the overall game presentation and an array of features. Also praised was NBA 2K16 was a large amount of content in the game and the ability of the game developers to introduce positive installments than the previous title. However, others faulted the games MyCareer mode for being too restrictive while some experienced technical issues online. Others faulted the game’s microtransactions and the lack of tutorials for beginners. The game was able to ship over 4 million copies within the first week of release. This made NBA 2K16 the fastest selling game in the franchise. Download our NBA 2K16 Apk Here.

Spike Lee was actively involved in the game development and would follow a potential basketball player while taking an in-depth look at the challenges they face through High school until they play in the pro-league. This made the game to be as realistic as possible. Spike brought in both an antagonist and a protagonist. Unlike other NBA 2K games who just scan the face, in NBA 2K16 the developers made the game more realistic by scanning the whole player’s body. This created uniqueness in the players’ body. In the previous games, the face of the player would be unique while the rest of the body would be predefined and generic. Download our NBA 2K16 Apk here.

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