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The game was initially made for arcade games by midway. NBA jam simulates real-time events in the National Basketball Association games. The game becomes a commercial success due to it’s over the top presentation, photorealistic digitized graphics and an exaggerated two on two basketball players. NBA jam follows Arch rivals and allows basketball players to make slam dunks that defy human capabilities, jump above their own heights, elbow opponents out of the way and freely shove other players. You also get other cool features like tracking player records, a variety of secret characters and statistics between play sessions. Acclaim later got exclusive rights for the NBA Jam franchise and this led to them producing an arcade game called NBA Jam Extreme. Later they started publishing games with a more realistic style for the consoles. Before the company closed its doors in 2003, they produced one last arcade. Electronic Arts acquired exclusive rights to the franchise and produced an NBA Jam for the Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Mark Turnell was consulted for the project as the company made an effort to replicate the original Midway games. Download our NBA Jam Apk Here.

Download NBA Jam APK

How to Play NBA Jam

The game is played on a two by two basis, is one of the first arcade games to feature NBA licensed players and teams. The game has digitized the players hence making them as real as possible. One distinguishing feature in NBA Jam is the exaggerated gameplay; players have the ability to jump a couple of heights above their own heights. They can also make dunks that defy the laws of physics or that are beyond their own capabilities. Another exception is that there are no free throws, fouls or violations except 24-second violations and goaltending. What this means is that as a player you can easily elbow or shove an opponent as you like without having broken any rule. Download our NBA Jam Apk Here.

The player becomes on fire when he makes three baskets in a row; this also gives them increased shooting precision and unlimited turbo. This on fire mode is limited until one member of the opposing team scores or until the player who is on fire scores four consecutive baskets while on the same mode. Other features include special Easter eggs, ability to activate players through button/joystick or initials. For example to activate super clean floors on the Genesis console press A five times and then the right five times. With Super clean floors the player can fall if they change direction too fast or ran too fast. Players of NBA Jam can also unlock other unlocked players that are not basketball superstars like Charlotte Hornets mascot or US President Bill Clinton. Players can also ride a hidden tank in the arcade and demolish enemy tanks. At the start of the game just before the court is shown players are required to move down joysticks 1 and 2 with all the six buttons being held down. Download our NBA Jam Apk Here.

NBA JAM Featured Teams and Players

Download NBA Jam APKThe game utilizes varying team rosters with the console using the 93-94 NBA season while the arcade utilizes the 92-93 season. The rosters changed again for Game Gear, Sega CD, and Game Boy Advance consoles. You will notice the Michael Jordan does not have a feature in the Chicago Bulls games, this is because he owns the rights for the use of his image rather than Chicago Bulls. At the time of developing the games, Midway had still not secured the rights to use his image. Shaquille O’Neal also did the same when he left New Jersey Nets. His a notable presence in the arcade but is missing in other games due to the issue of rights. Reggie Lewis of Boston Celtics and Drazen Petrovic of New Jersey Nets were removed from the game after they passed on. Download our NBA Jam Apk Here.

A limited edition developed solely for Michael Jordan and Gary Payton personal use was released. Versions of the game differ remarkably from each other with some having been coded later. This is because of legal rights to the use of the images especially in the case of Shaq O’Neal and Charles Barkley. Development of NBA Jam begun after Midway’s unsuccessful launch of Total carnage did not perform well. In an effort to increase appeal for the games, the lead programmer and designer – Turmell – decided to incorporate digitized graphics with the firm’s previous basketball game called Arch Rivals. Download our NBA Jam Apk Here.

For each unit of the game sold midway paid royalties of $100 for each. The NBA initially was not for the idea of an arcade as they felt it portrayed the game negatively but they later got convinced of the game’s potential. The second pitch by Midway to the NBA stated that they would take gameplay a notch higher through new features. This included tips from coaches, camera angles, first person view on fast breaks and instant replays. However, none of the features mentioned were covered in the final game. The video graphics for the game were taken from several digitized footages of basketballers like Stephen Howard. In certain versions of the game, these characters were presented as secret characters. Turnell was quoted as saying that the whole game was a team effort with giving attributes to players coming from some else while he contributed to two on two basketball and spectacular dunks. Download our NBA Jam Apk Here.Download NBA Jam APK

Turnell later confirmed critics  views that the game was biased towards the Chicago Bulls. For example, the game was developed in such a way that the in close games against the Pistons would miss last second shots. The game was later changed to home consoles courtesy of iguana entertainment. It is understood that the PlayStation version of the game took six months to develop. Due to the greater complexity of the hardware, the Saturn version took longer. The other reason for the delay was because Iguana did not have access to Sega graphics library. Download our NBA Jam Apk Here.

NBA Sequels/Spin-offs

Sometime later NBA Jam: Tournament Edition was released as an update to the original NBA Jam game. The had new features, updated rosters, and Easter eggs similar to the original game. The music for the game was created by Jon Hey. The new team instead of five had three players with only two playing on the court at any given time. The exception was the rookie team which had five players from the 1994 NBA draft team. In between quarters, the player could substitute players. Also featured were secret playable characters and new hidden teams. The early versions of the game had characters from Mortal Kombat games. You could also assign attributes to players including fatigue levels and clutch. The tournament mode was introduced that allowed players to turn off the computer assistance and in turn use the hot spots to earn additional points or perform special slam dunks. Download our NBA Jam Apk Here.

At the request of NBA Elviscious, the final version of NBA: TE had six hidden characters removed. This included King, Grim Reaper, Reptile, Raiden, and Sub-zero. All updates of the test versions would also have the characters removed. The game could be played on arcade, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Sega 32X, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, and Atari Jaguar. Download our NBA Jam Apk Here.

On March 1994 the game was ported to various home consoles and PCs. The home consoles had various hidden characters including First Lady Hillary Clinton, President Bill Clinton, Al Gore the then VP and Atari in the Atari Jaguar version. Acclaim was later able to acquire exclusive rights to the NBA name after publishing the consoles. A 3D version of the game was published by Acclaim under the title NBA Jam Extreme. Marv Albert did the game’s commentary. Download our NBA Jam Apk Here.Download NBA Jam APK

In 1995 Acclaim released College Slam which was fashioned after final four and March Madness but the game did not enjoy popularity like NBA Jam games. They, however, passed on the game idea to other gaming franchise. The idea for NBA jam was used by midway for other consoles that included NHL Hitz, NFL Blitz, Red card 20-03, and MLB Slugfest. A new version of NBA Jam was released on October 5, 2010 for Wii. It was later In November 2010 ported for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The creator of NBA Jam – Turnell – was involved in the development of the new version with EA Vancouver. Download our NBA Jam Apk Here.

NBA Jam Reception

Electronic Gaming monthly four reviewers game the Super NES version of the game a score of 9 out 10 and named NBA Jam game of the month. They praised the games sounds, graphics, and four-player mode. They also commented that the game is fun to play for people who do not like sports. Commenting on the Genesis, reviewer Mike Weigand said that the colors were a bit bland and the voices fuzzy. He also noted that the game version was of lower quality than the one on SNES. The Sega CD more intuitive controls, updated roster, and improved audio impressed GamePro. They also found the music and sound effects to be better in the home version. Download our NBA Jam Apk here.Download NBA Jam APK

GamePro also noted that the graphics were worse than those in Super NES. There were also complains on long load times and said that the improvements were not enough to convince gamers to shift from the home versions of NBA Jam. Next Generation found the tournament edition to offer little when compared to the previous games. On the other hand, Electronic Gaming Monthly praised the PlayStation version of the game and noted that it had good enhancements. Next Generation that found the version to be the best also echoed this. GamePro video head was of the view that the game lacks voice clips and graphical details that made the game perform poorly when compared to the arcade. Download our NBA Jam Apk Here.

There some notable pop culture phrases that you will find in the game that include He’s on fire, he’s heating up, and boomshakalaka. The phrases are used to describe a player who shots two or three times in a row. For example, when the player is on fire he literally catches fire and can consume the game net. Download our NBA Jam Apk Here.

How to use our NBA Jam Apk

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