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The game was released on 1993 by Midway. The game is an arcade basketball game. Mark Turnell was the lead project leader for the game. Some other games by Midway included Arch rivals, High Impact, and super impact. The gameplay in NBA Jam is based on two on two video game that has similarities to Archrivals. The game becomes a global success with the introduction of NBA Jam. This saw the game selling over one million dollars with Amusement and Music Operators naming the game as the highest earning arcade game. NBA Jam influenced other basketball based games with exaggerated realism like NFL Blitz, 2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge and MLB Slugfest. Download our NBA Jam Free here.

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How to Play NBA Jam Game

The game is one of the first playable arcade games that features 2-on-2 basketball. It was also the first game to receive licenses from NBA for teams and players. One of the most noticeable features in the game is the exaggerated gameplay. Players can pull stunts beyond their natural abilities like slam dunks that defy the laws of physics or jump several meters above their own height. The rules are also lax with no free throws, fouls or violations except 24-second violations and goaltending. What this means that a player can elbow or shove an opponent out of the way and not get penalized for it. The fire mode is activated when the player makes three baskets in a row. The fire mode will only come to an end when the player scores four additional consecutive baskets or the other team scores. Get our NBA Jam free here.

You can activate Easter eggs, and other special features through the initials or joystick/button combinations. For example to activate Super Clean Floors press A five times or right five times for those using the Genesis controller. The Super floor feature would also cause characters to fall if they ran too fast or changed their direction suddenly. The game also had a special feature that enabled you to unlock popular characters like Bill Clinton or a mascot called Charlotte Hornets. If you decide to the play the arcade game you have access to a tank which you can use to destroy the opponent’s tanks. This can be done in a minute. Get our NBA Jam Free Here.

Featured teams and Players on NBA Jam

The console has rosters from the 93-94 NBA season while the arcade version has those of the 92-93 season. In 1994, more up to date roosters were created for Game Boy, Sega CD, and Game Gear. However, Midway was unable to secure the rights to use Michael Jordan rights because the former owns the rights to his own image. This led to the Chicago Bulls team in the game lacking the player. In the home versions, Shaquille O’Neal was missing due to the lack of rights to use his image. Later versions removed Reggie Lewis from Boston Celtics and Drazen Petrovic of New Jersey Nets from the game after they passed on. Get our NBA Jam Free download here.

However, Jordan and Gary Payton had an exclusive copy of the game made for their personal use. you may notice that some rosters are more recent than others; this is because they were coded differently.

NBA Jam Game Development

Download NBA Jam FreeThe idea to develop NBA Jam comes after Midway’s game Total Carnage failed to meet the company’s sales projections. Turnell the lead programmer and designer decided to incorporate some of the features from Arch Rivals and mix them with digitized graphics. For each unit sold Midway was required to pay royalties of 100 dollars to NBA. Initially, the NBA was not receptive for an NBA arcade game as they thought the game did not adequately represent them. However, when Midway did their second pitch the NBA team was more receptive. Get our NBA Jam Free Download Here.Download NBA Jam Free

Midway in the first pitch to the NBA had planned to include different camera angles, instant replays, tips from coaches and first person breaks but this was later abandoned in the final version of the game. The digitized videos in the game were made after choreographing several amateur basketball players including Stephen Howard. Some of these players appeared in later versions as secret characters. While turned did not take all the credit for himself but instead attributed the game design as a team effort.  Sometime in 2008, Turnell confirmed a long-held rumor that the game had a bias towards Chicago Bulls. For example in a game against the Pistons the game had been programmed in such a way that the bulls would miss in last second shots. Get our NBA Jam Free Download Here.

Iguana Entertainment handled the conversion of the game to home consoles. Besides the time spent with the PlayStation hardware, Iguana is quoted as saying that the game took six months to develop. Due to the great complexity of the hardware, the Saturn version took longer. The iguana was also unable to secure the rights for Sega Graphics Library. Get our NBA Jam Free Download Here.

NBA JAM Sequels and Spin-Offs

NBA Jam was later updated to NBA: Tournament Edition, which says gameplay on arcades. The game had new features, updated rosters, and Easter eggs that resembled the original game. Music for the game was provided by Jon Hey who replaced the original tracks that were used for NBA Jam. The teams were picked from the NBA 1994 draft and comprised of three players with only two being allowed in the court at any given time. The only exception was the rookies’ team that consisted of five players. In between quarters players could be substituted. The game also featured secret playable characters and hidden items. Some of the early games had characters from Mortal Kombat. More attributes were assigned to players like fatigue levels and clutch. Tournament mode was also introduced into the game and featured on court hot spots and turned off computer assistance. Get our NBA Jam Free Download Here.

There were some characters who were removed from the final version of the NBA: Jam:- Kong, Grim Reaper, Reptile, Raiden, and Sub-zero. Midway also stated that all later test versions would not have the characters. The NBA: TE was ported in Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Sega 32X, Game Gear, Sega Saturn, Atari Jaguar and PlayStation. The game made its debut in a much-publicized Jam day that occurred on March 4, 1994. The game was designed for home video games. Later console versions had new secret characters that included the then US President Bill Clinton, his wife Hillary and his Vice president Al Gore. Even the VP of Software development Atari featured as an unlockable character in the game. Acclaim was able to acquire the exclusive rights to the game after publishing the game consoles. Get our NBA Jam Free Download Here.

After winning the exclusive rights Acclaim released a 3D version of the game called NBA Jam Extreme. Marv Albert was responsible for the commentary. The game did not perform as well as Midway’s NBA Hangtime that was released the same year. What stood out for Hang time was the use of classic features and improvement of NBA Jam gameplay. Later an update called NBA Maximum Hangtime was released. A collegiate version of the game was released in 1995 called College Slam. The game even though created to promote March Madness and Final Four did not perform as well as expected. Get our NBA Jam Free Download Here.

Midway was able to pass the rights to the game to other game developers that included Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hockey, 2 on 2 Open Ice challenge and WWF wrestle mania. The games become mildly popular with only the arcade doing well. Later EA Sports was able to release a new version of Jam for the Wii. The game was later ported to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Mark Turnell –the NBA original creator- was called upon in the development of the new version. After the game’s success, a follow up to the game called On Fire Edition was released on October 4, 2011. Get our NBA Jam Free Download Here.

NBA Jam Game Reception

The game was well received in the market with Electronic Gaming Monthly giving the game a score of 9/10 for the Super NES console. They found the sounds, graphics, and four-player mode to be outstanding. They also remarked that the game is fun to play even for people who don’t like sports. Mike Weigand while commenting on the Genesis version of the game said that the colors were a bit bland and the voices fuzzy but noted that the game was fun to play with. EGM found the game to have a lower rating than the Genesis version or SNES versions due to the removal of most of the jams. Get our NBA Jam Free Download Here.

GamePro had many positive remarks for the Sega CD version. They praised its improved audio, intuitive controls and more music, voice samples, and sound effects. They, however, found the game’s graphics to be worse than those in the arcade or the Super NES. GamePro also complained of long load times and noted that the said improvements did not make any difference. Some advised those who had bought the Genesis not to bother with the 32X. Next Generation reviewers argued that there is no need to get the Tournament Edition as it offers little when compared with the original version. Get our NBA Jam Free Download Here.

GamePro complained concerning TE of having sprites and little features to differentiate who is playing and not. They also not complained that the game was an imitation of the original game with very little add-ons. Sega Saturn Magazine Steve Merrett gave the Saturn game a score of 89 percent and praised the game’s precision and timing while handling very complex buttons. Other reviewers were impressed with Saturn ability to retain most of the original game features. However, the game was noted to offer nothing significant for those playing the Super NES or Genesis versions. The Jaguar version was found to be competent yet falling in features when compared to the PlayStation version. Electronic Gaming monthly found that Jaguar version offered little when it comes to features. The script for NBA Jam was developed by Jon Hey. The music by Jon Hey was inspired by funky music. Get our NBA Jam Free Download Here.Download NBA Jam Free

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