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The NBA Live is part of a series of games under the NBA sports franchise and is available for mobile phones. It is a successor to the NBA showdown and playoffs and a title has been released every year from 1994 to 2013. The game’s initial releases were done in the fall preceding the NBA campaign. The game releases were placed on a hiatus after 16 consecutive season releases when the game developers faced development challenges as they tried to retool the game as Elite 11. NBA live 14 made its debut on November 2013. The first series in the franchise was designed for fourth generation games like the SNES and Sega Genesis. It could also run on DOS operating systems. NBA Live 96 was introduced for fifth-generation consoles like the Game Boy Advance and PlayStation. This continued until the production of NBA 2001 and 2009 which were made for the sixth generation consoles. NBA live 06 could be played on Xbox 360 while the NBA live 14 played on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Now the titles have reached the eighth generation consoles. Download our NBA Live Mobile Apk Here.

Download NBA Live Mobile APK

How to Play NBA Live Mobile Game

The NBA Live is the successor to the NBA Playoffs, which was released in 1989 for the MS-DOS PCs. The game featured Lakers vs. Celtics; later in 1990, it becomes available for the Sega Mega Drive. If was first played on the horizontal view then Isometric view and later moved to 3D gameplay. NBA live mobile was one of the first games to have an NBA license and simulated real NBA players and moves. The animation was made for Michael Jordan’s Air reverse layup and Horace Grant’s goggles. This accuracy made the players more visible. The game featured eight teams that qualified during the NBA playoffs and the NBA All-Star teams. Download our NBA Live Mobile Apk Here.

Released in 1991 was the Bulls vs. Lakers game followed in 1992 by the Bulls vs. Blazers. The next titles were fashioned after the two teams that made it into the NBA finals. Due to the teams’ initial success, the developers choose Lakers and Celtic. With each revision, there was an addition of players, teams and signature moves. Also included were Team USA Basketball, Olympic basketball spin-off. Before the transition to the NBA live series a final game series called the NBA Showdown 94 was introduced. Download NBA Live Mobile Apk Here.

NBA Live Mobile History

It was during the fall of 1994 that EA decided to release the NBA Live 95. This title naming continued for each series with the exception of 2000 to 2005 when all four digits for a year were used. Each title release was made at the start of the NBA campaign but there some additional ports that saw delay and were released in Late January or early February. The game release was put on on hold of three years after the development team faced challenges as they tried to retool the game as NBA Elite 11; this was after a successful 16 seasons. Download our NBA Live Mobile Apk Here.

When the first game in the series was released – NBA Live 95 – it was created for SNES and Sega Genesis consoles. It could also work on MS-DOS Operating systems. The first fifth-generation game was NBA Live 96 which could be used on Game Boy consoles and PlayStation. NBA 2001 introduced the sixth generation gameplay and this continued until NBA Live 2009 was introduced; you could now play this on the highly successful PlayStation 2. After the release of Xbox 360, the seventh generation game was introduced under the title NBA Live 06. NBA Live 14 was the eighth generation release and it was developed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Download our NBA Live Mobile Apk Here.

While creating a player has been a mainstay since NBA live 96 it was not available in the 1995 version of the game. Practice mode and Multi-season play were introduced in NBA Live 99. NBA Live Legend All-stars made its debut with the introduction of NBA Live 2000. The series featured some of the biggest names in NBA history for the last five decades. In the game you could use the teams instantly but would require to unlock the regular players – these were played or traded on NBA teams. The legend rosters after some time were changed for no apparent reason. Due to licensing reasons a player like Michael Jordan so a run on the game from the 90s team to 2004. NBA live 06 featured in its roster players like Tom Chambers, Spud Webb, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Download our NBA Live Mobile Apk Here.Download NBA Live Mobile APK

Freestyle Air was first introduced in NBA Live 2005; it also included a rookie challenge, slam-dunk, three-point shootout, freestyle challenge with more than two players, NBA All-Star Game and a slam dunk contest. A limited number of international teams were added in NBA Live 08 under the FIBA license. Dynamic DNA was introduced in NBA Live 09 and this enabled users to change rosters, daily updates changing techniques and hot-cold rosters. Download our NBA Live Mobile Apk Here.

Download NBA Live Mobile APKSoon after the release of NBA Live 10, the game developers tried to retool the series under NBA Elite 11 but this was meant with backlash from users which led to bad publicity for the title. Development challenges further exuberated this and the game release was canceled. However, some of the canceled titles somehow found themselves to customers while the playable demo was still available online for download. Development of the titles soon shifted from EA Canada studio to Tiburon studio in Florida. The developers then went back to their usual series and the next game to be released would be NBA Live 13. NBA Live 14 was released after the fall of 2013 while NBA live 13 was canceled. July 6, 2013, so the release of NBA Live Mobile and it’s in the process for a refresh. On September 15, 2017, the latest addition to the title was NBA Live 18 and it’s the first game to feature players from the WMBA. Download our NBA Live Mobile APK Here.

Other Games in the NBA 2K franchise

The first game under the franchise was NBA 2K and was released on November 1999. It had Allen Iverson on its cover and was released for Dreamcast. The commentary had Rod West and Bob Steele. On October 2000 NK 2K1 was released to the public and again had Iverson on its cover. It also introduced the Street basketball mode that enabled players to become general managers of the team. Later game modes had variations of this. NBA 2K2 made its debut in 2001 and was available for GameCube and PlayStation 2 consoles. For the third time, Iverson featured on the cover. It also featured past players like Julius Erving, Bill Russel, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. The game was the last for Dreamcast and the first to be featured on multiple platforms. Download our NBA Live Mobile Apk Here.

NBA 2K3 saw its debut in October 2002 and was the last installment for GameCube. It can be played on Xbox and PlayStation 2. Again Iverson was on the cover. The game franchise changed its game titles with the introduction of ESPN NBA basketball. The game was released in November 2003. The game saw ESPN branding in both the title and game itself. It was also the last game to feature Ivan Iverson. It had several cool modes like the 24/7 and Career. Players are able to customize characters and other features while engaging in various basketball tournaments. It was also the first series to feature online games. The commentary consisted of Tom Tolbert, Bill Fitzgerald, and Kevin Frazier. Download our NBA Live Mobile Apk Here.

ESPN NBA 2K5 was the last game to be developed by Sega before the company sold the naming rights to visual concepts. The cover athlete was Ben Wallace. ESPN featured on only two titles with 2K5 being the last. Stuart Scott is featured as a presenter while commentary is by Bob Fitzgerald. The sideline reporter was Michele Tafoya while Bill Walton is the second commentator. The game naming titles then reverted to 2K with the introduction of NBA 2K 2k6 which was released in September 2005. It is the first game under the franchise to be available for Xbox 360. The cover athlete for the game was Shaquille O’Neal and he was also featured in some of the games motion capture developments. The play by play commentator was Kevin Harlan. The sideline reporter was Craig Sager while the color commentator was Kenny Smith. Download our NBA Live Mobile Apk Here.

The last game for Xbox and the first game for PlayStation 3 was NBA 2K7. O’Neal featured again on the cover. The soundtrack for the game was licensed – a first for the series – it also featured songs made specifically for the game. Dan the Automator compiled 13 songs for the game. The songs were also presented on a CD. A change to the cover came with NBA 2k8 with Chris Paul being featured. The game has 23 licensed songs and has a new mode called the Slam Dunk contest. 2K Sports partnered with Tencent to release an online title called NBA 2K Online. The game was marketed for the Asian markets. NBA 2K9 was released on October 2009 for PlayStation 2 and 3 and the Xbox 360. It was the first in the franchise to be used on Microsoft Windows. The cover athlete was Kevin Garnett while the commentary team consisted of Cheryl Miller and Clark Kellogg. It also featured 24 licensed songs. Download our NBA Live Mobile Apk Here.

On October 2009 NBA 2k10 was released for PlayStation 3 and 4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360. It was the first game under the franchise to be used for the PlayStation Portable and Wii console. The game featured Kobe Bryant as the cover athlete. Another first was that players could now be able to vote who appears on the cover on a scale of 1 to 4. Career mode was also revamped and called MyPlayer. The commentators were Kellogg and Harlan. Doris Burke replaced Miller as the side reporter. The soundtrack had 30 licensed songs. There was also a limited version of the game that was released in honor of Kobe Bryant. Download our NBA Live Mobile Apk Here.Download NBA Live Mobile APK

How to use our NBA Live Mobile Apk

Our NBA Live Mobile Apk enables you to play your favorite game on your mobile game. It comes with an easy to use an editor which lets players customize certain game features like players, virtual cards among others. Beginners can use the game editor because it has an easy to use tutorial. Download for the game is very simple, you access our site through your mobile browser and click the download button. Once the Apk has been downloaded onto your phone you double click it to install the game. Alternatively, you can download the Apk onto your computer and then transfer the Apk to your mobile phone with a USB.

Compatibility and Security

We have designed our Apk to be used with almost all mobile phones like Android and IOS. The game editor is user-friendly and does not cause any blockages or errors. We understand that many users have concerns when it comes to online downloads. That is why we have included the most complex encryption software to ensure that your downloads are free from malware and viruses.

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